We invest a huge amount of time in ensuring that each child has a smooth transition to secondary school. Once they have been allocated a place with us, we work on the principle of finding out as much about a pupil as possible before they start with us so that when they do start we know them well.

We have a well-established programme designed to support the transition from primary school into secondary school. We work closely with our ‘feeder’ primary schools to ensure that their Year 6 pupils are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities presented by secondary education, so that they can make a confident beginning at the Academy.

Pupil Induction

All Year 6 pupils who are allocated a place at the Academy attend an ‘Induction Day’ in the summer term. This day gives the pupils an opportunity to spend a day with their new tutor group, meet new friends and, most importantly, start to meet some of the staff with whom they will be spending the next 5-7 years.

Parent Induction

There is also a Parent Induction evening for all Year 6 parents in the summer term to give them key information about the Academy. The Induction gives parents the opportunity to learn more about the Academy’s ethos, routines and expectations and meet the Principal and Senior Leadership Team.

Peer Mentors

We also implement a peer based mentoring scheme to ease the transition from primary to secondary school. The Peer Mentoring Programme aims to provide support for our new Year 7 pupils – individually and as a group, to help them settle in, make progress and to achieve their full potential within our Academy.

The programme allows younger pupils who wish to talk about their expectations of high school to speak to Academy pupils who have recently gone through the experience rather than to teachers / adults. Our peer mentors are approachable, compassionate and patient, with good listening and communication skills. Our youngest pupils enjoy drawing on the experience of the older pupils and our Peer Mentors provide Year 7 pupils with an initial, accessible point of contact from which to seek information and support during their early experiences at the Academy.

Transition Through the Year Groups

All key stakeholders work together to support transition through the Key Stages. Heads of Year remain with their Year Group to ensure consistency while pupils transition through the Academy, nurturing strong relationships with pupils and their families.


During the current circumstances we have had to change the way in which we contact students, parents and our primary schools but our priority still remains the same – to ensure a seamless transition from year 6 into 7 and to settle the students in as quickly as possible in September 2020.

Current Year 6 children and parents should feel reassured that we continue to work closely with Year 6 teachers and other staff at Primary Schools to ensure effective communication about your child’s move to Eden Boys’ Leadership Academy. Please see below a welcome message from Head of Year 7.

There is also a link to a ‘virtual tour’ with key places in the school to help your child become slightly more familiar with the layout of the school.

We have also created a transition booklet ‘Getting Ready for Year 7’ especially for all year 6 students joining our school. This includes activities that students can complete with parents/carers to prepare them for their start at secondary school.

The booklet and a link to a Padlet created with additional information to support the transition for our new students and families has been sent home.

We will be arranging a Virtual Induction for parents in July and providing further activities to introduce students to subjects. More information will be available soon.

Please click here to view the virtual tour.

Welcome message: Mr Shazad, Head of Year 7

‘Asalaamu aliakum (Peace be with you)

I am very excited to welcome you to Eden Boys’.  I know that moving to a new school can be worrying as well as exciting. I will be working with the Year 7 team to ensure your transition goes as smoothly as possible, especially during this very challenging time.  I will be supporting you to settle into your new routines quickly and help with any difficulties you may experience

You will enjoy being a part of Team Eden. I want you all to be the best you can be, work hard, respect all staff and other students, and join in all the opportunities on offer at Eden Boys’.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all soon. Stay safe, keep learning and reading.’