Partnership With


We put a lot of emphasis on parents’ involvement in their child’s education. A positive partnership between the Academy and parents, with active parental involvement, helps pupils’ personal, academic and emotional development during their vital years at the Academy.

Parents are as important as teachers in:

  • Monitoring learning – regularly discussing learning, homework and attainment with their child
  • Fostering values and good character – supporting their child’s personal development and encouraging them to develop a positive character
  • Supporting organisation – helping their child to be organised for success, by having all the right equipment and uniform and by being in the right place at the right time
  • Motivating and raising aspirations – motivating their child and encouraging them to fulfil their potential

We believe that our partnership approach to working with parents plays a big part in our success. Our commitment to pastoral care and to ensuring that every pupil gets personal attention means that parents can be assured that their child will flourish in our safe and secure learning environment.

Home-School Agreement

All parents and guardians are asked to sign a Home-School Agreement. This clearly states our commitment to their child. It also sets out what we expect in return, in terms of commitment, attendance and behaviour.

Regular Communications

An effective partnership is dependent upon good communication and we are committed to regular, accurate, useful communication with parents.

Communicating Progress

Pupil success is achieved through robust and aspirational target setting and close tracking of progress at all levels – supported by real-time attainment, attendance and behaviour data. In order to keep parents informed of their child’s progress and behaviour and attendance, the Academy organises:

  • Half-termly report cards with results of regular tests in each subject
  • Academy parents’ evening for each academic year throughout the year
  • A Performance Review Meeting with a senior leader for those pupils most at risk of not meeting their targets
Pupil Planners

All pupils are given a Pupil Planner at the beginning of each Academy year. It includes a record of homework being set and a section for the pupil to record their academic levels and targets. Learning Coordinators sign planners on a weekly basis and parents can use the planner to write messages to the Academy. Parents are expected to check and sign the planner every week.